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Mirador Glass News Summer 2020

Hi Mirador fans! If you follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed a strange occurrence– the title of our page is some Vietnamese phrase! Yes, we’ve been hacked. Facebook has been notified, and we are in the process of getting our name, ownership, and admin back, but it’s a longer process than we’d like it to be. Lessons learned all around, and this is making us more aware of how important it is to be careful with one’s digital footprint! If all else fails, we may request that our Facebook followers “unfollow” us until we get it sorted out– but don’t leave us just yet!

We had planned on participating in many craft shows this summer, in order to get our name out in our new location– the gorgeous Hudson Valley in New York. But, like so many of the best laid plans, Covid happened. Not to fear– if you’d like to see us live and in person, all you have to do it go to

You’ll find information about our open studio September 5-6 from 11-5. Not only will you be able to see live glassblowing and purchase glass directly from our home studio, but you can also visit 26 other artist studios on the FREE TOUR!! We are really grateful to be a part of this wonderful event.

Until we get our Facebook issue figured out, please feel free to stop by here to ask questions or follow our Instagram account, which is not compromised.

We are eternally grateful for your support, allowing our business to thrive and change.


Mirador Is Back

After a short hiatus, Bryan is very pleased to be back at work in his brand new at-home glass blowing studio in the bucolic Hudson Valley, New York!

Being involved with the construction from the ground up, Bryan was able to design the workspace in a way that enhances the creative and careful processes that bring you the beautiful glass products you’ve come to know and trust. After a cross country move to be closer to our east coast family, we are inspired and in awe of the beauty that surrounds us in this sleepy, artistic, agricultural corner of New York. The lush greenery, wildflowers, the rocky outcrops, and the wildlife continue to surprise and spark the imagination!

It is truly and honor to create these works, and we love knowing that they will have a treasured space in your homes or the homes of your loved ones. We at Mirador Glass appreciate your business, and are so excited to get back to bringing quality Mirador products for your enjoyment.

Joining the Mirador Glass team is Bryan’s wife, Karen. Our former Office Manager, Melissa, made sure to pass along her excellent customer service skills and tips to make the transition smooth. Now that the studio is complete, we are truly a family-run, home-based enterprise that is committed to your complete satisfaction. We are pleased that our small size ensures your personalized care. Karen is excited to assist Bryan in bringing his creations to the people! With heartfelt appreciation, thank you for being Mirador Glass customers.

Spotlight Install of the Month: Treehouse Masters

In the fall of 2013 Mirador Glass was contacted by Animal Planet’s television show Treehouse Masters about installing their lighting in one of The Treehouse Masters creations. The crew came down to the Mirador studio and Bryan taught Pete Nelson how to work on the lathe. This was a highlight for Bryan and the Mirador Glass team.